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Pada Persona 4 Social Link Guide kali ini kami akan membahas tentang Bagaimana cara untuk meraih MAX Social Link untuk Devil Arcana. Devil Arcana ini di pegang oleh Sayoko Uehara, Berikut adalah detail untuk Guide Persona 4 Social Link Devil Arcana :

Hari Ketersediaan
Wed O
Thur O
Fri O
Rain X


  • Weekdays: Tinggalkan rumah pada malam hari, itu akan memberi Anda pilihan untuk Pekerjaan Tutor.


  • Mulai dari 25 Mei, Melamar sebagai Petugas Kebersihan Rumah Sakit. (Requires Lv3 Diligences)
  • Max Social Link Item: Hospital ID

Poin diperlukan untuk Rank UP

Rank 1: 0
Rank 2: 0
Rank 3: 0
Rank 4: 3
Rank 5: 3
Rank 6: 4
Rank 7: 2
Rank 8: 6
Rank 9: 6
Rank10: 3

  • Tersedia 2 Mei
  • Aktivasi: Lakukan Cleaning Part Time Job dua kali.

Ranking level 0 ke 1

Sayoko: Don’t worry, no one’ll see…

Choice W/O W
Stop it!
I’m not interested
If you insist.

Ranking level 1 ke 2

Sayoko: Would you like to study with me? Perhaps a subject that they don’t teach in school, if you catch my drift…?

Choice W/O W
What do you mean? +1 +2
I’m not interested +1 +2
Please, by all means.

Ranking level 2 ke 3

Sayoko: … So why are you working at a job like this?

Choice W/O W
For the money. +2 +3
To be closer to you. +1 +2
To have something to do. +1 +2

Sayoko: Speaking of which… Say, do you have a girlfriend?

Choice W/O W
I do. +1 +2
I don’t.
Right in front of me. +1 +2
Why do you ask?

Sayoko: … Do you see what i’m getting at?

Choice W/O W
Oh, yes. +1 +2
Stop it! +1 +2

Ranking level 3 ke 4

Old lady in black: Do you work here?

Choice W/O W
Only part time…
I’m a high school student.

Old lady in black: But i won’t be coming back here anymore…

Choice W/O W
What were you here for?
Why are you wearing black?
We should meet again.

Sayoko: … Don’t ask what happened here.

Choice W/O W
…Okay. +1 +2
I’d rather not know. +1 +2
…I can’t stay in here. +1 +2

Sayoko: They only need me when they’re my patients… in the end, they all leave me.

Choice W/O W
That’s just how it is.
It’s good they get better.
Why don’t you switch jobs?

Ranking level 4 ke 5

Sayoko: That was the first time anyone ever called me a “Slutty bitch” to my face…

Choice W/O W
What happened?
Its like a soap opera. +1 +2

Sayoko: sigh The other nurse were just watching with these stupid smirks on their faces.

Choice W/O W
That can’t be helped.
I wish I’d seen it.

Sayoko:What am I living for…?

Choice W/O W
Comfort her. (Requires Lv 5 Understanding) +3 +3
Cheer her up. +1 +2
Keep quiet.

Ranking level 5 ke 6

Sayoko isn’t saying anything…

Choice W/O W
Did something happen?
Are you not feeling well?
Are you done here?

Sayoko: What am I doing…?

Choice W/O W
Don’t blame yourself.
It couldn’t be helped.
Think about what you did.

Sayoko seems to be tormenting herself.

Choice W/O W
Watch her sliently.
Say something to her.

Ranking level 6 ke 7

Sayoko looks a bit pale. She also seems to be very tired.

Choice W/O W
You should get some rest… +1 +2
Hang in there. +2 +3

Ranking level 7 ke 8

Automatic rank up.

Ranking level 8 ke 9

Middle-aged nurse: We’re going to be needing this room, so can you get all your cleaning supplies out of here?

Choice W/O W
Is there an emergency?
At this time of night?

Sayoko: I was just a little wobbly…

Choice W/O W
Overworking, I hear?
It’s important to rest.

What should you do…?

Choice W/O W
Physician, heal thyself.
Can you help anyone now?
Don’t do it all yourself.

Sayoko: Otherwise… I’d never be able to face him again…

Choice W/O W
Would ‘he’ want that?
You’re doing it for yourself.
You’re just running away.

Ranking level 9 ke 10

Sayoko: I wanted to say goodbye.

Choice W/O W
Take care…

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