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Pada Persona 4 Social Link Guide kali ini kami akan membahas tentang Bagaimana cara untuk meraih MAX Social Link untuk Strength Arcana. Strength Arcana ini di pegang oleh Kou Ichijou & Daisuke Nagase, Berikut adalah detail untuk Guide Persona 4 Social Link Strength Arcana :

Hari Ketersediaan
Mon O
Tue O
Wed O
Sat O
Sun O
Rain X


  • Weekdays: Yasogami Highschool, Learning Building 1F (Sebelah Kanan)


  • Mulai dari 19 April, mengunjungi kantor pusat dan berbicara dengan King Moron. Ini akan memberi Anda opsi untuk bergabung dengan klub. Setelah itu temukan Klub Olahraga di Pintu Keluar Barat Gedung Belajar. Ini akan memberi Anda pilihan untuk masuk ke Klub Bola Basket (Kou) atau Klub Sepak Bola (Daisuke).

Catatan lain

  • Saya sarankan untuk mengambil Klub Bola Basket atas klub Sepak Bola jika anda akan mencari file Social Link Max, karena Social Link Klub Basket membutuhkan waktu lebih sedikit untuk mendapat Rank Maximal. Meskipun grafik menunjukkan bahwa Soccer Club membutuhkan lebih sedikit poin untuk naik rank, ada sangat sedikit pilihan di Soccer Club yang akhirnya membutuhkan lebih banyak hari.
  • Max Social Link Item:
    • (Kou) Letter to Kou
    • (Daisuke) Spike Brush.


Poin diperlukan untuk Rank UP

Rank 1: 0
Rank 2: 0
Rank 3: 6
Rank 4: 6
Rank 5: 6
Rank 6: 4
Rank 7: 0
Rank 8: 5
Rank 9: 7
Rank10: 6


Poin diperlukan untuk Rank UP

Rank 1: 0
Rank 2: 0
Rank 3: 4
Rank 4: 2
Rank 5: 3
Rank 6: 2
Rank 7: 4
Rank 8: 0
Rank 9: 6
Rank10: 6

Basketball Club

Ranking level 1 ke 2

Kou: Hey Main Character, Aiya or Junes? You decide.

Choice W/O W
Really? ? +3
I’m still worried about you. +3 +3
That’s no fun. ? +2

Kou: Well, I do like me some sweets…

Choice W/O W
I’m jealous. +1 +2
not happy about it?
Sounds like a pain…

Kou: You like sweets, Main Character? Want me to get you some, too?

Choice W/O W
Sure. +1 +2
That’s okay. +1 +2

Ranking level 2 ke 3

Daisuke: …I want you to help him out

Choice W/O W
What do you mean?
Just tell me how. +3 +3

Daisuke: She calls it “barbaric”

Choice W/O W
That’s sucks.
But it’s just a sport… +1 +2
I can see that. +1 +2

Daisuke: So… I want you to help him out

Choice W/O W
Easier said than done. ? ?
Leave it to me. +3 +3
What can I do? +2 +2

Ranking level 3 ke 4

Kou: Just the other day I was greeting people at one of those high society gatherings. Can you imagine? Me at one of those things?

Choice W/O W
It’s hard to imagine. +1 +2
I can see that. +1 +2

Kou tries to sound cheerful…

Choice W/O W
That’s good for you. +1 +2
Cheer up, man. +1 +2

Ranking level 4 ke 5

Kou: Hey. Practice over already?

Choice W/O W
It’s been over for hours.
You’ve got some nerve… +3 +3
Something wrong? +2 +2

Kou: But me, I’m feeling like I’ve sunk to the bottom of the ocean

Choice W/O W
Get a grip, man.
You just need a rest. +2 +2
Let’s go do something fun. +2 +3

Ranking level 5 ke 6

Daisuke: Hey, Main Character, what’s his problem? Is he sick or something?

Choice W/O W
You could say that…
It’s Something else.

Daisuke: Right?

Choice W/O W
You’re right. +3 +3
A real game? Impossible… ? +2
We gotta save Kou. +2 +2

Daisuke: I got some dirt on a bunch of other guys too, so we should have no problem getting together a full team.

Choice W/O W
You’re quite a strategist. +2 +2
Isn’t that blackmail…? +2 +2
What about yourself? +2 +2

Ranking level 6 ke 7

Kou: Should I just leave?

Choice W/O W
You’re thinking too much.
Did they say anything?

Kou: Yeah, the orphanage.

Choice W/O W
What for?
Planning to run away?

Kou: I was thinking maybe I’d ask about my real parents.

Choice W/O W
And once you know?
You going to meet them?
I’ll go with you.

Ranking level 7 ke 8

Daisuke: I’m kinda worried…

Choice W/O W
About what?
Let’s catch up to him. +3 +3

Kou: What are you two doing here?

Choice W/O W
You alright? +3 +3
Find anything out? +3 +3

Kou: I have no one…

Choice W/O W
That’s not true
What do you mean?

Ranking level 8 ke 9

Kou: And now that I don’t have to wear that mask anymore… I guess it’s time to step off the stage.

Choice W/O W
You going to leave?
What do you mean?
Don’t jump to conclusions +2 +3

Kou: …What do you think?

Choice W/O W
It was stored well?
The letter was swapped? ? ?
It Was written recently? +2 +3

Kou: How “bout you? Wanna go for a dip?

Choice W/O W
No way.
I better get home.

Ranking level 9 ke 10

Kou: Studying, lessons, and all that crap… I think I’m gonna keep doing it all.

Choice W/O W
Isn’t that a bit much?
You can do it man.

Daisuke: D-Dude… We can’t take this…!

Choice W/O W
Return it to Kou.
Accept it.

Soccer Club

Ranking level 1 ke 2

Soccer Player: Hey “Main Character”. Tear down the goals and clean up before you leave, alright?

Choice W/O W
Got it (Understanding UP)

Daisuke: Still, it went pretty fast with three people.

Choice W/O W
Thanks for the help. +1 +2
I didn’t ask you to do it.

Ranking level 2 ke 3


Ranking level 3 ke 4

Daisuke: Whatever…Girls are a pain in the ass, right, Main Character?

Choice W/O W
Right on. +1 +2
That’s not true.
Quit showing off.

Ranking level 4 ke 5

Kou is also beaming like it’s all thanks to him…

Choice W/O W
Thanks guys. +2 +2
I’m just getting warmed up. +2 +3

Ranking level 5 ke 6

Kou: I have to do some family stuff today, though. Would next time be okay?

Choice W/O W
No Problem ? +2
Anything for you guys. (Dibutuhkan LV4 Understanding) +3 +3
Long as it’s not a hassle. ? ?

Ranking level 6 ke 7

Daisuke:I have to do the class record today so don’t want to wait for me.

Choice W/O W
If you say so.
It’s okay, I’ll wait.

Kou: Tell you what, we’ll talk over mapo rice. My treat!

Choice W/O W
Sounds good. +2 +3
You treated last time.

Kou: You think it could be related…?

Choice W/O W
Could be. +2 +3
Maybe not…
What are we talking about? ?

Kou: What do you think?

Choice W/O W
We’ve got a problem. +2 +3
It’s Daisuke’s problem

Kou is looking at you expectantly…

Choice W/O W
Count me in. +2 +3
Count me out.

Ranking level 7 ke 8

Their quarrel starts to escalate…

Choice W/O W
Stop them +2 +3
Stay quiet and watch.
Provoke them.

Daisuke: You got that!? It’s MY life! you guys have nothing to do with it.

Choice W/O W
Yes we do!

Kou: You can be pretty sincere when you want to, Daisuke.

Choice W/O W
That’s his charm. +3 +3
You think?

Ranking level 8 ke 9

I wonder if she’s as stuck in the past as I am…

Choice W/O W
Could be. ? +3
Doubt it. ? ?
I don’t know. ? +3

Ranking level 9 ke 10

No Choices available.

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