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Pada Persona 4 Social Link Guide kali ini kami akan membahas tentang Bagaimana cara untuk meraih MAX Social Link untuk Tower Arcana. Tower Arcana ini di pegang oleh Shu Nakajima, Berikut adalah detail untuk Guide Persona 4 Social Link Tower Arcana :

Hari Ketersediaan
Tue O
Thur O
Sat O
Rain X


  • Weekdays: Tinggalkan rumah pada malam hari, itu akan memberi Anda pilihan untuk Tutor Job.


  • Mulai dari 25 Mei, Melamar Tutor Job. (Requires Lv5 Understanding)
  • Max Social Link Item: Test Results

Poin diperlukan untuk Rank UP

Rank 1: 0
Rank 2: 0
Rank 3: 2
Rank 4: 6
Rank 5: 3
Rank 6: 5
Rank 7: 5
Rank 8: 4
Rank 9: 4
Rank10: 0

Ranking level 0 ke 1

Shu: If I think you’re inadequate, I’ll have you replaced immediately. Remember that.

Choice W/O W
Nice to meet you.
Don’t worry about me.
Wow, you’re a little prick.

You feel Confident that you should teach him:

Choice W/O W
Math (Expression UP, Knowledge UP)
English (Expression UP, Knowledge UP)
PE (Diligence UP, Expression UP, Knowledge UP)

Ranking level 1 ke 2

Shu: …If I get into a good college… Am i really “Set”?

Choice W/O W
Of course.
I don’t know.
I don’t think so.

Shu: …Do you know what that means?

Choice W/O W
Sure I do. +1 +2
No, What?

Shu: Huh… Time’s already up. We were still in the middle of that last question…

Choice W/O W
Wait until next time.
I’ll stay and help you. (Requires LV 5 Diligence) +1 +2

Ranking level 2 ke 3

Shu: What do you think of your school?

Choice W/O W
It’s fun.
It’s Strict. +1 +2
it’s boring. +2 +3

Shu: … …

Choice W/O W
I’m a transferred student too
Well, it is the countryside. +2 +3
Make friends with him.

Ranking level 3 ke 4

Shu: … They don’t get what it means to learn at all.

Choice W/O W
That’s just how it is. +1 +2
That’s not true.

Shu: That Place…

Choice W/O W
It’s the law.
You don’t have to go.
You’re not the only one. (Increase Courage) +2 +3

Ranking level 4 ke 5

Shu: Is there any bullying at your school?

Choice W/O W
Yes, there is.
No, there isn’t. +1 +2
Not that I know of…

Shu: Maybe that’s not the same thing as bullying.

Choice W/O W
Just ignore them.
Put some effort into it. +2 +3
Leave it to me.

Shu: It seems that I’ve been talking to you about things that really aren’t relevant to my studies…

Choice W/O W
It not like you. +1 +2
I don’t mind. (Increase Understanding) +1 +2

Ranking level 5 ke 6

Shu: *Sigh*

Choice W/O W
Wre they a pain in the ass?
Didn’t you join in?

Shu: … They’re all stupid.

Choice W/O W
You’re just at that age.
That’s not true.

Shu: Um… You only come here because you’re being paid to, right?

Choice W/O W
Of course.
That’s just one reason. +1 +2
That’s not it. +3 +3

Ranking level 6 ke 7

Shu: … I wish I was a genius.

Choice W/O W
Work hard, and you can be.
You’re already are one.
Just Give up now.

Shu: Let’s change the subkect to something else, What’s up?

Choice W/O W
The other day at school…(Increase Expression)
About these murders…(Increase Expression) +1 +2
What I like in a girl is…(Increase Courage) +2 +3

Ranking level 7 ke 8

Shu: Is it possible for anyone to be all those things? Do you know anyone like that?

Choice W/O W
I do.
This guy. +2 +3

Shu: …Every time I have that dream, the person gets one car closer to me.

Choice W/O W
You must be tired.
You must be possessed.

Shu suddenly looks tormented

Choice W/O W
Ask him, what he’s worried about. +1 +2
Cheer him up. +2 +3
Leave him alone.

* Lain kali Anda mengunjungi Tower Arcana, Anda secara otomatis akan pulang.

Ranking level 8 ke 9

Shu: Today…is my birthday, I forgot…

Choice W/O W
Happy birthday.
Don’t forget next time.

Shuu looks sad…

Choice W/O W
Have a grand celebration.
Have a modest celebration.

First, you need…

Choice W/O W
Cake. -> Junes

(Pilih Pilihan Pertama dalam Pertanyaan terakhir)

Well…its look like the only place you can order it.

Choice W/O W

Shuu begins to sob…

Choice W/O W
Soothe him.
Wait for him to calm down.

Shu begins to cry again.

Choice W/O W
Comfort him.
Kindly reason with him.
Sternly scole him.

Ranking level 9 ke 10

Shu: Thank you for recongnizing… “me.” I wouldn’t have been able to talk to Mom if you hadn’t.

Choice W/O W
I am proud of you. +1 +3
No, it’s all you. +3 +3

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