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Persona 5 Royal Confidant Guide ini mencakup Hanged Arcana yaitu Munehisa Iwai, kami akan menyertakan pilihan apa saja dan berapa poin optimal yang bisa kalian dapatkan disetiap pilihan tersebut.

Untuk Arcana yang lain silahkan kunjungi halaman Persona 5 Royal Confidant Guide kami.

Angka yang diwarnai biru memiliki poin terbesar.

Perhatikan bahwa kamu harus memiliki persona dengan Hanged Arcana di inventory saat hangout dengan Munehisa Iwai untuk mendapatkan poin maksimal.

Persona 5 Royal Hanged Arcana


1Starter Customization
3Camo Customization
7Expert Customization
MAXOn The House

Rank 1

Dibutuhkan Courage Level 4

FollowupLeave it to me. +1As long as it’s safe… +1So what’s my first job? +3

Rank 2

Respon-1Maybe I should call him. +0… Iwai seems sick. +0
Respon-2Nothing in particular. +0I was daydreaming, sorry. +0
Respon-3Who was that guy? +0What should I do now? +2How’s your cold? +2

Rank 3

Respon-1I know how it feels. +0Is it seriously that hard? +0
Respon-2I always knew you were a thug. +3Oh. I, uh… have to go. +0Y-Yakuza!? +2
Respon-3Not really. +0No, I like that stuff. +0We made a deal, didn’t we? +3
Respon-4Is that one of your customers? +0Why are you being so mean? +0

Rank 4

Respon-1Iwai. +0I can’t tell you. +0It’s none of your business. +0
Respon-2What was that about? +0So that was Tsuda? +0What did he mean, “sell” him? +0
Respon-3Hong Kong mafia. +0A 100 million yen deal. +0
Respon-4Give it your all. +0You two should play nice. +2Where’s my reward. +3
FollowupI agree. +2Is that a threat? +0What’s the issue? +0

Rank 5

Respon-1Why not? +0You shouldn’t lie to your son. +0
Respon-2You’re so kind, Iwai. +0You’re pathetic. +3You should call the cops. +0
Respon-3That’s right. +2Don’t make assumptions. +0I’ll stick around for the guns. +3
FollowupYou’re right. +2Is it really all for Kaoru? +0Well, you got this. +0

Rank 6

Respon-1Why would he say that? +0No, nothing even close. +0
Respon-2He definitely does. +0You should ask him. +0
Respon-3Our futures. +2Girls. +3That’s a secret. +3
Respon-4Right. +2You should tell him, Iwai. +0You should buy us something. +3
FollowupHe’s my age, so it comes easier. +2All I did was listen to him. +2It’s part of the job. +0

Rank 7

Respon-1Not at all. +0Absolutely. +3I guess he likes guns? +2
Respon-2That’s horrible. +0He’s clever. +3What a crafty bastard. +2
Respon-3Is Tsuda seriously dangerous? +0Are you going alone? +0
FollowupBring it on. +2I’m worried… +0So what’s our first move? +0

Rank 7.5

Dibutuhkan Courage MAX

Respon-1It most definitely was. +2I did it all for Iwai. +3Actually, it’s been fun. +0
Respon-2I will. +2I want to help you. +2I can’t. +0
Respon-3What’s his full name? +0Tell me his name. +0

Rank 8

Respon-1It’s not impossible. +0I dunno. +2He’s matured. +0
Respon-2I’m back, baby. +2I guess I could consider it. +3If you pay me well. +3
FollowupUnderstood. +2You worry too much. +0Now let’s catch him off-guard. +0

Rank 9

Respon-1That’s great news. +2I feel bad for him. +0Are you sure he’s alive? +3
Respon-2Who’s Masa? +0Will Karou be OK? +0
Respon-3We should hurry. +0Let’s close up shop. +0
Respon-4What’s your goal here, Masa? +0Cut the bullshit. +0
Respon-5Tell him the truth. +3You need to trust your son. +3
Respon-6Karou is really strong-willed. +3He gets that maturity from you. +2He’s a cool kid, huh? +3
FollowupLike father, like son. +2Gecko bonds go beyond blood. +2Why not newts? +0

Rank MAX (Romance)

Respon-1It’s up to you now, Iwai. +3Kaoru won’t lose. +3Iwai’s kind of slow. +0
Respon-2I couldn’t leave him. +0It was for the special menu. +0
Respon-3It’s a coincidence. +0Should we close up? +0What if you’re right? +2

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