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Persona 5 Royal Confidant Guide Hermit – Futaba Sakura

Persona 5 Royal Confidant Guide ini mencakup Hermit Arcana yaitu Futaba Sakura, kami akan menyertakan pilihan apa saja dan berapa poin optimal yang bisa kalian dapatkan disetiap pilihan tersebut.

Untuk Arcana yang lain silahkan kunjungi halaman Persona 5 Royal Confidant Guide kami.

Angka yang diwarnai biru memiliki poin terbesar.

Perhatikan bahwa kamu harus memiliki persona dengan Hermit Arcana di inventory saat hangout dengan Futaba Sakura untuk mendapatkan poin maksimal.


1Moral Support
2Mementos Scan
4Position Hack
6Active Support
7Treasure Reboot
9Emergency Shift
MAXFinal Guard
MAXSecond Awakening
ROYALSecond Awakening R

Rank 2

Dibutuhkan Kindness Level 4

Respon-1That wouldn’t solve anything. +0That’s a great idea. +2
Respon-2If we work together. +3Want me to help? +2I don’t know. +0
Respon-3Sounds good to me. +0Can you tell me again? Repeat Response
FollowupI bet it will. +2I’m not sure. +0Why not ask him directly? +0

Rank 3

Respon-1I what? +0So you’re OK? +0I was about to come find you. +3
Respon-2Good to see you again. +3You’re the one who appeared. +2You need to be more careful. +0
FollowupIt’ll only get tougher. +0You will. +0We’ll both do our best. +2

Rank 4

Respon-1Nope. +2Let’s do this together. +3If you want. +0
Respon-2No, you’re talented. +0I bet they were just surprised. +0
Respon-3Not at all. +2Everyone does it. +2I think it’s cute. +3
FollowupWe’ll take it slow. +2You need more training. +0I’ll help you anytime. +2

Rank 5

Respon-1He’s in my class. +0Friend might be a bit much. +0
Respon-2I think you’re right. +3No. +0Your… what? +2
Respon-3What’s an NPC? +2Savage. +0He’s the protagonist. +3
FollowupYou did great. +2That’s nothing special. +0Ding! Level up! +0

Rank 6

Respon-1Were you happy? +2That must have been a shock. +3How did you react? +0
Respon-2You didn’t know any better. +2Did you apologize to her? +0Sounds like it was her fault. +0
Respon-3Understood. +0Someone’s pushy today. +0
FollowupAre you running away again? +2Let’s calm down first. +0I’m right here with you. +0

Rank 7

Respon-1What horrible parents. +2We have to put a stop to this. +2Strange… how? +0
Respon-2I’ll do it, for you. +3We’ll show them the truth. +3Give me some time. +2

Rank 8

Respon-1That’s incredible. +3I’m glad to hear that. +3Did you stutter at all? +2
Respon-2You worked really hard too. +3You’re making me blush… +2Do I get a reward? +0
Respon-3Fine by me. +0That’s all? +0
FollowupCongrats. +2You’ve still got more. +0Want more pats? +2

Rank 9

Respon-1You’ve really matured. +3What if you get bullied again? +2
Respon-2That doesn’t sound healthy… +0Are you OK, Futaba? +3You’re imagining things. +2
Respon-3If you want. +2No way. +2You’re giving up? +0
Respon-4Because we’re teammates. +0 ENDBecause I love you. +0 (ROMANCE)
Respon-5~7I would like that / If that’s OK with you. +0Um, Hello? / Is something wrong? +0Earth to Futaba? / Are you still alive? +0
FollowupInstant yakisoba. +0Morgana. +0Do I really have to say it? +2


Respon-1What are you talking about? +0Don’t worry about it. +0…Pardoned? +0
Respon-2Mission complete. +0Nice job, Futaba. +0You did great. +0
Respon-3I know. +0I don’t mind. +0I like being close. +0
Respon-4What’s wrong. +0Come closer. +0
Respon-5Take your time. +3You can do this. +3We’ll do it together. +3
Respon-6You can’t lose to her. +3Do you want a job too? +2
Respon-7I honor my promises. +0Just keep it cheap. +0You remember that? +0
Respon-8I’m counting on you. +0That’s a lot of pressure. +0
Respon-9You already have that right. +3Took you long enough to ask. +3I want that right too. +3

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