Persona 5 Royal Confidant Guide Moon – Yuuki Mishima

Persona 5 Royal Confidant Guide ini mencakup Moon Arcana yaitu Yuuki Mishima, kami akan menyertakan pilihan apa saja dan berapa poin optimal yang bisa kalian dapatkan disetiap pilihan tersebut.

Untuk Arcana yang lain silahkan kunjungi halaman Persona 5 Royal Confidant Guide kami.

Angka yang diwarnai biru memiliki poin terbesar.

Perhatikan bahwa kamu harus memiliki persona dengan Moon Arcana di inventory saat hangout dengan Yuuki Mishima untuk mendapatkan poin maksimal.

Persona 5 Royal Moon Arcana


1 Mishima’s Support
3 Mishima’s Enthusiasm
5 Mishima’s Desperation
7 Phanboy
MAX Salvation Wish

Rank 2

Respon-1 I don’t understand. +0 …Phan-Site? +0
Respon-2 You’ve done good, kid. +3 That sounds pretty tough. +0 Is this really necessary? +0
Respon-3 Uh, strategic… what? +0 Sounds cool. +3 You’re really hyped for this. +2
Followup Nice hustle, image manager. +2 Calm down. +0 All-nighters can mess you up. +0

Rank 3

Respon-1 I’ve never heard that before. +0 Great idea. +3 I’m already taken. +2
Respon-2 I’m worried about this… +0 We’re part of… The Phandom? +2 Let’s tell them the truth. +2
Respon-3 It’s not your fault. +2 Don’t overwork yourself. +0 I can’t trust anyone anymore… +0
Followup Of course. +2 Really? +2 You’ll get it right next time. +2

Rank 4

Respon-1 Steak sounds good. +3 Some nice organic veggies. +0 I love desserts. +2
Respon-2 You’re amazing. +2 That sounds like a scam. +0 Stop this at once. +0
Respon-3 You’re right. +0 Of course it would. +0 Maybe we can keep it. +0
Followup Yup. +2 That’s one way to view it. +0 You’ll get better ideas. +2

Rank 5

Respon-1 Why was it so expensive? +2 It looks almost real. +0 Is it for me? +3
Respon-2 That’s a good idea. +2 Are you sure that’s necessary? +0 Don’t do anything stupid. +0
Followup All right. +2 I expect great things. +0 … Did something happen. +0

Rank 6

Respon-1 Just tell me already. +2 I’m not interested. +0 You sure are fired up… +2
Respon-2 Calm yourself. +0 Rumors are wrong all the time… +2 It’s none of your business. +0
Respon-3 Why? +0 I didn’t ask for that. +0
Response 4 Is that right…? +0 Absolutely. Nice job. +2

Rank 6.5

Respon-1 And what exactly will we win? +2 You’re so reliable. +3 Chill out, dude. +0
Respon-2 Sounds pretty twisted. +2 By changing their hearts? +0 You really need to chill. +2
Respon-3 Fun…? +0 This isn’t like you. +0 You’re worrying me. +0
Respon-4 We very well might. +0 Are you feeling guilty? +0
Respon-5 Let’s go. +0 This is the only way… +0
Respon-6 You’re riding our coattails. +0 Would that really satisfy you? +0
Respon-7 Do it yourself. +0 We’re leaving. +0 There’s no need. +0

Rank 7

Respon-1 I don’t wanna change his heart. +0 Let’s cancel the request. +0
Respon-2 Stop worrying about fame. +0 You still care about fame? +0
Respon-3 I’m sure there is. +2 I hope so. +0 Maybe the Phan-Site? +3
Followup Kind of worrying… +2 Be careful. +0 It’s your time to shine. +2

Rank 8

Respon-1 I’m not leaving. +3 You should run too. +2 What are you going to do? +0
Respon-2 You’re just gonna take that? +2 Believe in yourself. +2 They’re the real losers. +2
Respon-3 Totally. +2 You were super cool. +3 Wait, that was all an act? +3
Followup You’ll be fine. +2 Calm down. +0 You’ve got this, man. +2

Rank 9

Respon-1 You, dead as a doornail. +0 You showed some real courage. +3 I’m glad you’re still alive. +2
Respon-2 Something like that. +0 Exactly. +0
Respon-3 Don’t use our real names. +0 This came out of nowhere. +0 I can’t wait to watch it. +0
Respon-4 Meh. +0 What about a parfait instead? +0 I’m feeling steak, actually. +0
Followup The sparkle in your eye. +2 ….. +0 Your hair? +0

Rank MAX

Respon-1 Did you find your answer? +0 Were you scared stiff? +0
Respon-2 That was courageous. +3 But you were afraid. +2
Respon-3 I didn’t do anything. +0 Nobody stole your heart. +0 You changed yourself. +0
Respon-4 I’m sure you will. +0 Make it a bestseller. +0 You have to write it first. +0

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