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Pada Persona 4 Social Link Guide kali ini kami akan membahas tentang Bagaimana cara untuk meraih MAX Social Link untuk MAGICIAN Arcana. Magicia Arcana ini di pegang oleh Yosuke Hanamura, Berikut adalah detail untuk Guide Persona 4 Social Link Magician Arcana :

Hari Ketersediaan
Mon O
Thur O
Fri O
Sat O
Sun O
Rain X


  • Weekdays: Learning Building 2F
  • Holidays dan Sundays: Junes


  • Otomatis

Catatan lain

  • Hari terakhir untuk menghadiri Social Link ini adalah 27 November (Meskipun 27 November adalah hari terakhir anda masih dapat meningkatkan social link dengan hangout pada hari Minggu/Sunday)
  • Max Social Link Item: Buddy’s Bandage

Poin diperlukan untuk Rank UP

Rank 1: 0
Rank 2: 0
Rank 3: 2
Rank 4: 3
Rank 5: 4
Rank 6: 4
Rank 7: 6
Rank 8: 6
Rank 9: 4
Rank10: 8

W/O = Without Matching Persona
W = With

Ranking level 1 ke 2

Yosuke: Sorry about that. You know me, i’m infamous around here.

Choice W/O W
It must be tough. +3 +3
You’re bragging about it?
Why are you infamous?

Ranking level 2 ke 3

Yosuke: Wait a minute… Am I starting to sound like Teddie?

Choice W/O W
He’s sounding like you too.
Teddie’s cute +1 +2
Hmm, you’re looking hairer. +3 +3

Yosuke: Looks like someone got my address. I get a lot of spam.

Choice W/O W
You don’t block them?
Why, not change adresses?
Eh, what can you do.

Ranking level 3 ke 4

Yosuke: Phew, i’m beat… i am not the complaints department…

Choice W/O W
That must be hard. +1 +1
Don’t strain yourself. +1 +2
You’re incredible. +2 +3

Yosuke:I have to do what i can…

Choice W/O W
That’s the spirit! +2 +3
Don’t get too excited
What can you do?

Ranking level 4 ke 5

Yosuke: So…? You keep the goods under your futon?

Choice W/O W
Of course. +3 +3
Huh? +3 +3
What, don’t you? +2 +3

Yosuke: So, you ever invited a girl in here?

Choice W/O W
I have. +2 +3
I haven’t. +2 +3
I will Soon. +2 +3

Ranking level 5 ke 6

Yosuke: But hey, I’m glad you were there! Thanks.

Choice W/O W
No Problem. +3 +3
Tell me next time! +? +3
It was fun. +? +3

Yosuke: So… there’s no need to bother with outsiders.

Choice W/O W
You’re right +3 +3
Man, you’re mature. +? +3
No need to hold back. +2 +2

Ranking level 6 to 7

They started to badmouth Saki-senpai

Choice W/O W
Shut up!
Calm down man… (Level 3 Understanding Required)
I feel bad for Saki-senpai

Yosuke: I just blurted out a buncha crap, huh?

Choice W/O W
You were just upset.
Feel better now?
I know how it is.

Ranking level 7 ke 8

Yosuke: But then…

Choice W/O W
She dumped you?
She died?

Yosuke I’m sorry… Saki-senpai. I’m sorry… Main Character.

Choice W/O W
Just take it slow.
I understand.
Don’t apologize.

(Hanya Tersedia jika Anda memilih Pick the 3rd Choice lalu the 1st
Pilihan di Rank 6 ke 7)

Main Character… I think i’m all cried out…

Choice W/O W
Pat his head.
Hug him.
Leave him be.

Ranking level 8 ke 9

Yosuke is smiling sadly…

Choice W/O W
Cheer Up. +2 +2
Still sad about Saki-senpaid?
Be a man. Stand up straight.

Yosuke: Just being born, living your life… Before you know it, you’re already special to someone.

Choice W/O W
You’re right. +3 +3
That’s not true. +? +3
I don’t get it. +? +3

Ranking level 9 to 10

Yosuke:I like you for that, and I’m proud of you… But I guess I was jealous at the same time.

Choice W/O W
I didn’t know.
It can’t be helped.
I guess?

Will hitting Yousuke make you and him equal…?

Choice W/O W
Hitting you won’t do that.
Then let’s get equal

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