Persona 5 Confidant Guide Temperance – Sadayo Kawakami

Persona 5 Confidant Guide ini mencakup Temperance Arcana yaitu Sadayo Kawakami, kami akan menyertakan pilihan apa saja dan berapa poin optimal yang bisa kalian dapatkan disetiap pilihan tersebut.

Untuk Arcana yang lain silahkan kunjungi halaman Persona 5 Confidant Guide kami.

Angka yang diwarnai biru memiliki poin terbesar.

Perhatikan bahwa kamu harus memiliki persona dengan Temperance Arcana di inventory saat hangout dengan Kawakami untuk mendapatkan poin maksimal.

Persona 5 Confidant Guide Temperance


Rank Unlock
1 Slack Off
3 Housekeeping
5 Free Time
7 Super Housekeeping
MAX Special Massage


Terbuka pada tanggal 5/27, kamu bisa memulai Confidant ini setelah menyelesaikan Palace kedua. Setelah beberapa hari kamu akan mendapatkan scene dengan Yuuki dan Ryuji mengenai Maid Call-Service. Bicaralah dengan Yuuki pada malam hari di Shibuya, setelah itu bicara dengan Kawakami pada hari berikutnya di depan Facility Lounge sekolah. Bantu dia keluar dari situasi ini lalu dia akan memberimu nomor telpon yang bisa kamu hubungi pada malam hari melalui telpon di Leblanc


Respon 1 It does. +2 I feel nothing. +0 I’ll tell your boss. +0
Respon 2 I can’t say I wasn’t… +0 Absolutely not! +2 What kind of weird things? +0
Respon 3 You need money? +0 What’s it for? +0
Respon 4 Are you scolding me? +0 This is all for you. +0 I requested you. +0


Respon 1 Yeah, they do. +2 Do some real cooking. +2 Can I have a different maid. +0
Respon 2 I was curious. +0 So I could slack off in class. +0 I wanted to see you. +0
Respon 3 Your sister’s bills, right? +0 I’ll request you more often. +3 You’re really blunt. +0
Respon 4 You have it rough. +0 Are they expensive? +0 Don’t overdo it. +0


Respon 1 That would be great. +0 What are you scheming? +0
Respon 2 How rude. +2 No surprise there. +0 How old ARE you? +0
Respon 3 Yes, you do. +2 You’re pushing it. +0 You need to love yourself. +3
Respon 4 I already knew that. +0 Why did you lie to me? +0 You’re a bad teacher. +0


Respon 1 It’s fun. +2 I want to know more. +0 Who’s the Master here? +2
Respon 2 How Terrible… +2 It was inevitable. +0 So, did you stop? +2
Respon 3 It’s not your fault. +0 It was bad luck. +0 It’s no one’s fault. +0
Respon 4 You OK with that? +0 Guardians, huh… +0
Respon 5 It’s too late now. +0 What about our deal? +0 I want see you again. +0


Respon 1 You just got here. +0 Want to rest a bit? +2 Give me back my money. +0
Respon 2 Are you all right? +3 Have you see a doctor? +2 You should go home. +3
Respon 3 Are you OK? +0 Don’t overdo it. +0


Respon 1 Don’t strain yourself. +2 Don’t lie. +0 Don’t pay them. +3
Respon 2 Sister company? +0 Can you make a lot there? +0 Think this through more. +3
Respon 3 That’s the wrong choice. +0 Isn’t there another way? +0 Just rest for now. +0


Respon 1 That’s the wrong decision. +0 Please reconsider. +0 Is this really what you want? +3
Respon 2 You’re running away. +2 If that’s what you decided. +3 I need my teacher. +0
Respon 3 Try to remember +0 That’s your answer. +0 Take a look at yourself. +0
Respon 4 Are you going to give up? +0 Mistakes can be fixed. +0
Respon 5 Be confident in your answer. +3 That’s the right choice. +3 You’re asking a student? +3
Respon 6 I want to protect you. +3 That’s reassuring. +3

Kamu akan dipanggil untuk bertemu Kawakami saat makan siang untuk menerima Request “A Teacher Maid to Suffer“. Kamu harus melakukan ini sebelum 18 November

RANK 8.5

Respon 1 We’re talking here. +0 You know it, lady. +0
Respon 2 You can’t give up. +0 But you were so determined. +0
Respon 3 What are their names again? +0 I need their names. +0


Telah menyelesaikan Request “A Teacher Maid to Suffer

Respon 1 Nonsense. +3 You may be right. +0 Aren’t you old already…? +0
Respon 2 What a bummer. +3 Thank you for your service. +3
Respon 3 Not really. +2 (FRIEND) I want to keep seeing you. +2 (ROMANCE)
Respon 4 Got it. +2 (FRIEND) I mean what I say. +0 (ROMANCE)
Respon 5 I’m a master; you’re a maid. +0 (FRIEND) I’m a man; you’re a woman. +0 (ROMANCE)


Sebelum kamu membuka Rank terakhir kamu harus menunggu sampai hari sekolah berikutnya untuk melihat Kawakami bertindak sebagai guru yang lebih baik, hal ini tidak akan bisa dilakukan setelah lewat tanggal 18 November

Respon 1 …Really? +0 I see. +0 That’s too bad… +0
Respon 2 It doesn’t matter. +0 That’s the best part. +0
Respon 3 We won’t get caught. +0 Don’t worry about it. +0 You’re so responsible. +0
Respon 4 What are you talking about? +0 When did you realize? +0
Respon 5 You got me. +0 You have no proof. +0 …So what if I am? +0
Respon 6 That sounds promising. +3 I’ll make sure of it. +3
Respon 7 I want to rely on you. +3 I want you to rely on me. +3

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