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Pada Persona 4 Social Link Guide kali ini kami akan membahas tentang Bagaimana cara untuk meraih MAX Social Link untuk Hermit Arcana. Hermit Arcana ini di pegang oleh Naoki Konishi, Berikut adalah detail untuk Guide Persona 4 Social Link Hermit Arcana :

Hari Ketersediaan
Mon O
Tue O
Wed O
Thur O
Rain X


  • Weekdays: Learning Building 1F
  • Holidays: Shopping District, North (Benar-benar ujung utara dekat Liquor Store)


  • Mulai dari 8 Juni, Anda akan melihat cutscene dengan Naoki untuk pertama kalinya. Setelah acara ini, Anda dapat menemukannya di lantai pertama di Learning Building. Bicara dengan Naoki dan kembali keesokan harinya untuk berbicara dengannya lagi. Ulangi ini 3 kali untuk mengaktifkan Social Link nya.

Catatan Lainnya

  • Max Social Link Item: Junes Receipt

Poin diperlukan untuk Rank UP

Rank 1: 0
Rank 2: 0
Rank 3: 0
Rank 4: 4
Rank 5: 4
Rank 6: 4
Rank 7: 4
Rank 8: 4
Rank 9: 6
Rank10: 6

Ranking level 1 ke 2

Naoki: Saya biasanya makan di sini banyak karena sangat dekat dengan tempat kami, tetapi untuk beberapa alasan, saya belum makan di sini baru-baru ini.

Choice W/O W
Too busy? +2 +3
Tired of the food? +3 +3
Because of the murder? +2 +2

Naoki: I mean… what exactly is an “admirable life.” anyway?

Choice W/O W
Contributing to society. +2 +3
Making your parents happy. +3 +3
Leave something behind.
I don’t know. +3 +3

Ranking level 2 ke 3

Naoki is laughing like he’s having a good time…

Choice W/O W
Ask him to tell another story. +3 +3
Tell your own tale of failure. +2 +3
Tell an American joke. +3 +3

Naoki is biting his lip…

Choice W/O W
I’ll go tell them off. +3 +3
You not saying anything? +3 +3
Let the gossipers gossip.

Ranking level 3 ke 4

Naoki looks distressed…

Choice W/O W
Talk back to the lady. (Requires Lv4 Courage) +3 +3
Flatter the lady. (Requires Lv4 Expression) +3 +3
Keep quiet.

Naoki: I’m sorry… It’s a little awkward to be around me, huh?

Choice W/O W
Its not your fault. +3 +3
Let’s forget about it.

Ranking level 4 ke 5

Naoki: … …

Choice W/O W
Its not your fault. +3 +3
Let’s forget about it.

Naoki: … I have to do it.

Choice W/O W
Good luck Naoki.
You got other choices.
You should think it over.

Ranking level 5 ke 6

Naoki: They got all suspicious of me suddenly. I wasn’t expecting that at all.

Choice W/O W
I wouldn’t have, either.
Just forget about them.
Don’t worry them too much.

Naoki: Am i really that pitiable…?

Choice W/O W
Yeah, you are.
You’re not the only one. +3 +3
I don’t what they mean. +2 +3

Ranking level 6 ke 7

Naoki: I wanted to apologize for that.

Choice W/O W
I don’t mind. +3 +3
Last time? +2 +3

Naoki: How do I get out from that…? What would be best for me, for Sis…? I just don’t know.

Choice W/O W
Take your time.
Take action. +2 +3

Ranking level 7 ke 8

Naoki: Ironic isn’t it…?

Choice W/O W
They’re trying to be kind.
Charge’em extra. +2 +3

Naoki: Yosuke-san sure is nosy. Oh wait, so are you…

Choice W/O W
Don’t lump me in with him. +2 +3
We can’t just ignore you. +3 +3

Ranking level 8 ke 9

Naoki: Because I wasn’t able to cry like the actors on TV. I thought that maybe I didn’t actually like Sis…

Choice W/O W
That’s not true. ? +3
People are different. +3 +3
You’re just inept. +2 +3

Naoki: She must’ve wanted to live more, huh?

Choice W/O W
Yeah, I am sure of it.
I don’t know.
Live for her sake.

Naoki: Naoki is biting his lip…

Choice W/O W
It was out of your hand. ?
She can hear you. +2 +3
Just let it all out, Naoki.(Requires LV 5 Understanding) +3 +3

Ranking level 9 ke 10

Naoki: Its all thanks to you.

Choice W/O W
I didn’t do anything. +3 +3
That’s right. Be grateful. +2 +3

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